Floating Umbrella

Floating Umbrella

The Pelsue Floating Umbrella is designed as a portable shelter for situations where traditional work umbrellas aren’t practical. This new umbrella design requires only a smooth clean surface for setup, making it perfect for tight spaces such as those found around Charles cabinets (like those commonly housing telecommunications equipment and other utilities). Thanks to the design of the suction cups it’s also possible to attach the umbrella to surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat, such as the side of work vehicles and trucks.If you are looking for shade or protection from inclement weather the Floating Umbrella has you covered. Coverage on the with the Floating Umbrella is about 50% greater than the Floating Tent, making it ideal for providing shade. Please note that the umbrella support structure is the same as that sold with the floating tent. You can easily switch out the top you are using should weather conditions change. The suction cups used here are pump operated for a strong hold, our current record is 6 hours on a smooth clean surface.

If you are worried about protection from more severe weather, consider Pelsue’s Floating Tent. With 60′ roll down sides it’s capable of providing 360 degrees of protection.

Why suction cups and not magnets?

Suction cups let the umbrella work on almost any smooth surface, magnets require that the surface is magnetic (generally made of metal). Even with powerful magnets such as those made from neodymium, the surface may not be strongly attract the magnet. Magnets that aren’t sufficiently powerful may also slide on the surface increasing the risk of injury.  Powerful magnets are also dangerous in their own right. They may crush or pinch the unprepared if they are attracted to a surface. Suction cups are less prone to sliding and spinning, and can’t practically cause crushing injuries.

Floating Umbrella Features

-Adjustable support with three joints to insure versatility in any location. Includes two hinge joints (base can be rotated in two axes), and a ball joint at the top.
-Water/Fire/UV resistant fabric for all portions of the tent.
-Non-Rusting and Rust resistant components for support structure.
-Dual Pump operated suction cups, with hold indicator on pump.
-Carrying case.


Model # 6759
Top Dimensions 59″ x 59″
Floating Umbrella Weight 10 LBS (Aprox.)
Stored Dimensions 10″ (Diameter aprox) x 36″ (length)
Carrying Case Weight 1.25 LBS (Aprox.)