Multi-Tent, model # 6334A


Multi-Tent, model # 6334A

The 5-in-1 specialty tent is a single tent which, when used with the appropriate hardware, can perform multiple functions. The tent may be attached to a manhole guard, pole, ladder, strand, or bucket truck. Door style features snap & D-ring closures. Includes strand mounting hardware (P/N 63350). All other hardware ordered separately. Available in three models as shown below:

Guard Hardware model# 63390 Strand Hardware - Model#  63350Bucket Hardware - model #63360Pole hardware - model # 63380

New Plastic Hub Available!

Pelsue is pleased to the a new variety of multi-tent that features a plastic hub. The reduced metal content makes this tent preferred for working around powered lines. If you would like the plastic hub in your tent just use 6334AP as the model number.

Original Metal Tent Hub Plastic Tent Hub


Model Nominal Size Weight Folded Dimensions Recommended Accessories  
6332S   4’ x 4’ x 3’ H 6 lbs 6” x 6” x 35” Bucket Hardware # 63360  
6334A 4’ x 4’ x 8’ H 11 lbs 6” x 6” x 35” Bucket Hardware # 63360  
6334AN 5’ x 5’ x 8‘ H 18 lbs 6” x 6” x 46” Bucket Hardware # 63360