PelChek P400 Gas Monitor Pelsue


PelChek P400 Gas Monitor

Pelsue is proud to offer some of the utility industry’s best gas monitors. Featuring four gas detection including LEL gasses, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Oxygen (O2). These units are essential for insuring you have a safe confined space, manhole, sewer, or vault to work in. The units are remarkably small and more durable than most other units due to the rubberized finish. These units also feature an immediate detection system. Unlike other units this signal will indicate gas levels that are approaching a safety limit as opposed to just indicating when a safety limit is reached (the units will also indicate this with a different sound).  The warning signal functions like a geiger counter and may be turned off by the user if desired. Similarly, the unit also features an exposure tracking system. This feature allows you to track exposure to gasses even when they don’t reach immediately dangerous concentrations. It warns users when they have been exposed to a gas for too long. Units are available individually and in kits. We recommend kits as they package everything needed to maintain the unit, which will help insure you get the most bang for your buck.

Features Include

Audible Alarm – 3 Tone
Data Logging
Exposure Tracking
Immediate Detection System
Visual Alarms
Vibration Alarm
Pre-Filter and Dust Filter
Alkline or NiMH Battery
Rubberized Exterior
Belt Clip
Small Size 5.2′ L x 3.2′ W x 1.7′ H weight .75 lbs