Permanent Mount Sleeve


Permanent Mount Sleeves : Center Floor Mounted

Permanent Mount Sleeves
• Available in electroless nickel plated steel, zinc plated, galvanized or stainless steel
• ABS liners with PVC slip plates
• Accepts up to 48” offset masts
• Sleeve is always on site
• Inside sleeve diameter 3.0680”
• Liners and sleeves are replaceable
• Allows masts to pivot 360°
• Drain holes eliminate water buildup • Friction bearing is replaceable

Center Floor Mounted
The center floor mount is anchored by bolts, or it welds to a variety of surfaces such as floors, truck beds, catwalks, etc. Please contact Pelsue for specific installation requirements.

Model Description
DSP-F2 (plated)  – 24lbs
DSS-F2 (stainless) – 24LBS