Above the fold: Pelsue PH series hoists are designed and tested as personnel hoists for single user mechanical retrieval/ systems/lifting devices as define in OSHA safety standards for use in confined space entrances and exits.

These hoists feature an internal braking system to prevent accidental line play out, as well as a backup locking pawl system to prevent “free-wheeling”. Pelsue hoists also include a redundant “over- speed” brake for additional safety. As a result of these features line extension should only occur when the handle is turned counterclockwise and a force of at least 10 lbs. is applied to the line.

All hoist frames attach to a quick release bracket which can be combined with other Pelsue safety equipment. Please to reach out to a customer service representative to insure that brackets and mounting are matched to your needs. If you are looking for a hoist for use with a tripod please see our PHT series hoists.

All PH Series hoists have the following features.

  • “Man Rated” to 310 lbs
  • Secondary “over-speed” brake
  • A 5.5:1 gear ration single speed drive
  • “Free-wheeling” preventing continuous braking drive
  • Double pawls friction brake
  • Low Wear high temperature brake pads for minimal maintenance
  • Anti-friction drive bearings
  • Three permanent wraps of cable on the drum, assures low cable attachment loads
  • Tensioning pad to prevent loosening of cable lays
  • Slip clutch drive to prevent back winding of the cable drum
  • Zinc plated and aluminum components, to reduce corrosion in harsh environments
  • Mount for quick attachment
  • Removable drive handle with speeder knob
  • Covered gear teeth
  • Stainless steel cable or synthetic rope compatible
  • Soft-sided carry case included
Model # Synthetic Rope/ Stainless Steel Cable Rope/Cable Length (Feet) Weight (lbs)
PH05C Stainless Steel Cable 50’ 24
PH07C Stainless Steel Cable 70’ 25
PH10C Stainless Steel Cable 100’ 30
PH15C Stainless Steel Cable 150’ 32
PH20C Stainless Steel Cable 200’ 39
PH30C Stainless Steel Cable 300’ 43
PH05R Synthetic Rope 50’ 20
PH07R Synthetic Rope 70’ 21
PH10R Synthetic Rope 100’ 26
PH15R Synthetic Rope 150’ 29