What is a Walk-By Network?

Get the most from your time in the field – with a Neptune walk-by system.

Step up cash flow with quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly billing. And when you’re ready to roll, you can move from walk-by to mobile with ease – reading the endpoints you already have installed – with the migratable R900® System.

Use the R900 System for detailed data logging in the field. Capture detailed consumption data from individual addresses, then present graphs of that water usage to customers at their homes, without having to return to the office.

Walking routes with Neptune’s R900 System, your utility can go where it needs, as fast as you need to get there. Toss out the log books, forget estimated reads, and improve accuracy and efficiency with radio frequency (RF) technology that cuts down reading times. Collect keyed, probed, or radio-transmitted meter readings all along the same route while you grab alerts for leaks, backflow conditions, and no-flow from meters every 15 minutes.

What is a Drive-By Network?

Grab more reads and metering data – get feet off the street via a Neptune mobile AMR system.

How can you make automatic meter reading more…automatic? With Neptune’s spread-spectrum, frequency-hopping RF technology, you’ll see how to read the meter with more accuracy and less interference. Use the MRX920™ mobile data collector to complete reading routes faster from the comfort and safety of your truck, and accelerate cash flow with monthly billing. You’ll realize 100 percent reading accuracy, with reading success rates above 99 percent. R900 mobile AMR can eliminate walk-by, manual reads, and greatly reduce re-reads while offering 15-minute interval flags for leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection.

And because the R900® System is migratable, you can maintain backward compatibility with handhelds for walk-by reading whenever you need. Plus, you have the freedom to implement R900® Gateway data collectors for fixed network data collection whenever you’re ready. All with the same endpoints, without stranding assets.

Feel free to mix and match AMR (walk-by or drive-by) with AMI technologies within the R900 System. Neptune’s N_SIGHT® software suite allows each component to work together as a complete system. Protect your present investments in the field while expanding as you need, at your own pace.

What is a Fixed Network?

Neptune’s fixed network AMI brings daily/hourly metering data with detailed consumption info straight to you.

With fixed network AMI technology from Neptune’s ARB® Utility Management Systems™, your water utility will not only achieve fully automated daily meter reading without a truck roll but also have the ability to boost customer service, water conservation, and equally important – revenue.

How to read more water meters more quickly is one thing. How to go beyond reading and billing is another. Enjoy accurate daily reads as well as leak, tamper, and reverse flow data. Address high water bill complaints with historical consumption graphs detailing daily or monthly usage for a single account. When water is scarce, help conserve it, with hourly, daily, and/or monthly consumption data that end users can monitor themselves.

Choose Neptune’s migratable R900® radio frequency (RF) technology for a futureproof system. Reduce or even eliminate truck rolls with final daily reads for move-ins and move-outs – while still having the option of walk-by or mobile reading should you need them.

You can reduce Non-Revenue Water. Split routes or group similar accounts for greater efficiency. Eliminate the time and cost of truck rolls for off-cycle meter readings. And head off customer complaints over high water bills.