VM-480B Pipe & Cable Locator

The Vivax-Metrotech VM-480B Pipe and Cable Locator is a versatile locating instrument designed for locating and tracing the path of pipes and cables; detecting energizing 60Hz power lines; and when mounted on an optional carrying handle, conducting blind searches, ground surveys, and locating underground metal masses. Depth measurement is accomplished using the triangulation method.


          The VM-480B is of split-box design, half being the transmitter and half being the receiver.




  • Crystal controlled transmitter and receiver – provides operating stability

  • Narrow noise bandwidth – higher sensitivity for improved accuracy

  • Sharp meter response – improved compression circuit makes visual identification of trace objects easier

  • 50/60Hz power line locating capability – coil design reduces interference

  • Automatic shut off on receiver – 30 minutes cycle/time out

  • Automatic battery test