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The High Voltage Inc CDS-2010U is designed for fault location on cable systems rated up to 35kV, where the line to neutral voltage is approximately 20kv. With 1000 joules available at 5/10/20 kV, the CDS-2010U offers a powerful impulse ideal for using acoustic and electro-magnetic detection instruments and is a true controlled/constant energy thumper. Equipped with a built in high voltage coupler, the CDS-2010U are TDR/cable radar ready for arc reflection & current impulse methods. With up to 400 mA of burn current, high resistance faults can be rapidly reduced permitting fault location at less damaging voltage levels. Find your fault without causing the next one! There are no better thumpers. The CDS-2010U offers best in class features: Full impulse energy at 5/10/20kV, variable hipot/burn in all 3 taps (400 mA @ 5 kV tap, 200 mA @ 10 kV tap, 100 mA @ 20 kV tap), EPR high voltage output cable that stays flexible even in cold weather, TDR/Radar ready, & extremely durable & portable design with small footprint for years of reliable operation. Available in 120 Volts AC, 20A input or 230 Volt AC, 15A input (F suffix). Includes manual and all accessories. Call 410-604-1079 for more information